Friday, October 31, 2008

I haven't been eaten by a goblin

Happy Halloween all! I have been seriously MIA on my blog and I have SO many photos to post from a couple of fun fall weekends, but I am behind b/c we have had such a busy week. Nothing earth shattering, just lots of playdates and such. Its amazing how busy you can be when you are a stay at home mom. Funny I say this because BEFORE I was a stay at home mom, I thought--wow, when I stop working I will have a super duper clean and organized life! HA! That is hilarious--I have never been less on top of things ever and keep in mind I only have one kid! But all is well and we have been having some good clean family fun lately, thanks to some wonderful October weather where the weekends have been sunny and warmish.

I hope everyone is having a great Halloween, enjoying dressing up the kiddies and perhaps stealing, I mean sharing the good chocolatey stuff from the little pumpkins.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The girl who cried wolf

Or as Bill would say, "The girl who cried woof!" He really believes that's how the saying goes. One of Lana's recent developments is telling me every single day, "My stomach hurts" or "Belly ache mommy". This sends me into hyper-crazed mode--should I get a bucket? Should we go home? Is she going to puke or crap herself? If I wait literally 5 seconds and ask her "Does your tummy still hurt or does it feel better?" She responds with a smile, "Feel ALL better!" This kid is trying to give me a heart attack! Doesn't she know I am totally fearful of vomit? WTH is she doing to me? Okay, after the 5th day or so of it, I am starting to not get all torqued out about it. But just when I relax is going to be the day I end up with a lap full of puke--like Beth. Please oh please vomiting viruses stay away from our household! I know its just a matter of time, and I have no immune system so when she gets it, 24h later I will have it too. And to all of my IRL friends who read this: if we have a playdate and your kid is up all night barfing the next day--don't tell me. The anxiety of anticipating puke when you are a puke-a-phobe is crippling! Ok, so I know I am not crazy (or maybe I am), Stacey, back me up on this one :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've been tagged


My friend Stacey tagged me and I am so super excited she has started a blog! She has a beautiful family and always impresses me with her ability to balance work, family, friends, and even volunteer work (holy crap, where do you find the time girl?).

It is hard for me to come up with 7 random facts that I haven't posted about before, since so much of my blogging are my random thoughts, but here goes:

1. A clean house gives me inner peace and tranquility. Too bad it never happens anymore.
2. I love A&Es Intervention. I am fascinated by addiction from a biological and behavioral standpoint.
3. Shellfish disgusts me.
4. Don't tell anyone, but I sometimes buy a donut when I am grocery shopping. More often than I'd like to admit.
5. Like Stacey, I am a raging puke-a-phobe.
6. I must have my toes painted at all times, even in winter when nobody sees them.
7. I cannot wear contacts anymore. Sad.

I tag Jenn, Mountain Mom, Beth, Kaycee, Jessica, Maria, London.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

This past weekend we went to pick pumpkins at a local farm . Last year when we went it was cold and rainy and Lana just could not care less about the pumpkins. This year was totally different. She was so into picking one out and pointing out the smashed pumpkins, which she said "died". She also really loved the hayride and the kids maze they had at the farm, not to mention the farm animals which she loves dearly. So here we are on the hayride:And in the patch:
Hey, these suckers roll?
Whew! I'm beat!
Lana wanted to push the wheelbarrow herself and got so frustrated when it wouldn't move. She kept saying, "When Lana's a bigger girl..."
Here is the pumpkin she picked out--she insisted on putting it into the wheelbarrow herself. We have a video of this as well, but my annoying voice is all over it, so forget about posting it.
All in all it was a fun and festive day. The weather was perfect and we made it home in time for lunch and a nap. Plus, Bill didn't have to work at ALL. So it was a great day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Lana has been talking in paragraphs lately. Or extreme run-on sentences. What is she saying? She is listing all of the things she sees or owns. She lists all the people in her family (extended family and sometimes friends, their moms and teachers too).

She tells me exactly what is going to take place in the next half hour:
Me: Good morning Lana
Lana: Lana going to go pee pee in potty. Then Lana will play with toys for a few minutes. After few minutes is over, Lana go downstairs to get milk and food for breakfast, mommy make coffee and turn on tv.
Me: Alright, let's go pee.

Another favorite is when Bill is leaving for work:
Bill: Bye Lana, when I come home from work, I will take you to the park.
Lana: Bye Baba, have good day, fix bones, come home soon, I love youuuuu!

Friday, October 10, 2008

There are some days...

when I am just bursting with love for this little girl. Today is one of those days. Lana has been sweet and funny, totally entertaining and easy-going. Plus she is giving lots of hugs. Its not that I love her any less on the days where she spends half of it in time out (for not listening or kicking/hitting), but I certainly appreciate her more when she is just being her fun self. I just love her so much.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's buggin you?

Lana has a Backyardigans DVD that has an episode called "What's Buggin You?" It has a very catchy song that I find myself singing to myself even at 2am. Bill cannot STAND the Backyardigans, which is weird b/c he does not annoy easily (good thing, b/c I can be extra annoying at times--I even annoy myself sometimes). Anyway, I thought I would share what's been buggin me, since I am always walking around singing, "what's buggin you, what's buggin you, when you've got a pesty pest..." Those Backyardigans are so cute!

So here is what's buggin me: We have these coffee places in like every parking lot around here--they are little shack-type things that you can drive or walk right up to the window and get a latte, or whatever. A few months ago, some of these coffee huts have started making their baristas wear bikinis or even just pasties! All right, I am not a prude or anything or maybe I am, but is it really necessary to teach our daughters that you have to strip down to a bikini to freakin pour a cup of coffee? Not just that, but isn't it dangerous--all that hot frothed milk--those espresso machines get pretty hot--I hope they give these girls some good workmans comp insurance in case they sustain second degree burns on their bellies. The whole thing just turns me off. I just roll my eyes at the names of some of these places too--Juggs, XOXO Espresso and Chicka Latte. Oh brother. I am sure its just business and these boobie coffee places make more than the ones where people wear clothes, but I'll just make my own coffee at home with my clothes on and if Lana ever wants to get a summer job pouring coffee in a bikini, I will be saying things like "over my dead body!" Maybe I am just getting old and cranky.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Our vacation pics

Okay, so 10 min after we checked into the hotel, Lana put on her swim diaper, swim suit and glasses and was ready for action. She looks so serious, but really she was pissed cuz we weren't moving fast enough for her.
We spent most of the time in the pool. She liked the beach well enough, but she didn't like having sandy hands and feet, so the pool was her favorite place to be.
Ignore my outdated sunglasses. I think I got them in the late 90s, but they are prescription and I didn't get around to getting new ones. I live in Seattle people--it rains here mostly.
Lana is demonstrating her "funny face".
Our daily breakfast of tropical fruit. Lana is addicted to fruit. People are amazed at how much she can put away. Its obscene really. But I suppose it could be worse. We use fruit as a bribe--she could care less about cookies, candy, etc. But a raspberry--look out!
Lana is enjoying her first trolley ride. She was super excited about it.
It was a great vacation. Very relaxing and uneventful. I wish the relaxed part lasted longer after we came home, but its been a busy week playing catch up and dealing with our fridge situation and me not feeling well (again...what else is new). But we had an awesome time. Lana is at an age where she travels well, adapts to change well and as long as she is near water she is happy. We were often remarking how she is growing up so fast and is not a little baby anymore. We just enjoyed the heck out of her and spending time with the three of us, free from distraction. Although eating out every meal every day was getting a little old and expensive. So its good to be home and we look forward to many more wonderful vacations with Lana in the future.