Thursday, January 29, 2009

Playing Catch Up

We had a huge snowstorm. In December. Before Christmas. Okay I am a bit late in blogging about our epic snowstorm and it has all melted and we have our typical rainy winter now, but since half the country is still being pummeled by snow, and its not May or anything, I figured I could still post some pics of Lana's very first snowman! Just one week after my mom moved here to the Pacific NW, we got snow--a LOT of snow. It was ridiculous. Nobody here even owns snow shovels. All the Home Depots/Lowes were sold out, so everyone was shoveling with their garden shovels (or in desperate cases, their children's sand shovels--I saw this more than once). There were no plows to cover the side streets. We got stuck several times. I shoveled every single day for 2 weeks. We played in the snow, went sledding and built a snow man.

Here is Lana hugging Mr. Snowman:

It took her at least a week to figure out that she could eat snow:
More love for Mr. Snowman:
We have great memories of our first big snowstorm, but what I am leaving out is the sheer frustration we all felt about being house-bound for 2 weeks. Ugh! We were going crazy- kukoo. Plus, it was days before Christmas and I hadn't finished my shopping. We finally braved the ice and snow to get to the mall to finish up, but we were literally ice skating in the parking lot. In a city that is not prepared for snow, it was not easy to get around and live. But playing in the snow and the smell and sound of a fresh snowfall was nostalgic for me and certainly festive.

Friday, January 23, 2009


We just got back from a week-long vacation to Florida to visit my grandparents. When I say "we" I mean myself, Lana and my mom. A girls trip! Lana did SO well with the travel yet again and I couldn't be more thankful because flying from Seattle to Tampa is a long day even for adults. It was wonderful to spend time with my grandparents. I grew up with them living around the corner, so we remain very close. I am so grateful that Lana will have the same opportunities with her grandparents (except for Grandpa Dennis, my father, who lives in VA, sniff sniff...). I am also very grateful that Lana has spent some time with her great-grandparents. She brought so much joy to their faces and they enjoyed spending time together. They were so surprised at how much she talks--constantly talking or making some noise (usually something annoying like blah, blah, blah, blah) and I have realized that my next big lesson for Lana is to teach her to be quiet when someone else is speaking until its her turn to speak.

For all of you thinking, ooh, Florida, how nice and warm--think again. I (or maybe its my mom?) have the worst weather karma of anyone on the planet. The day we arrived, it was "unseasonably cold" and remained that way until the day we left. Weather should be right back in the normal range by now. It was in the upper 50s, low 60s, so we could be outside, but not in the pool (tragically) and it was deemed FRIGID and UNBEARABLE by my grandparents (who have clearly forgotten the true meaning of these words during their whole life in Buffalo, NY), so we didn't spend much time outside. One day we did manage to make it to the beach. Here are the pics...

Lana so happy with a shovel and some sand:My grandparents--look how bundled they are!

Grandma Dianne and Lana

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Year

It seems I am a week late on every post. Our New Years celebration was less than spectacular b/c on New Year's Eve Lana woke up screaming and swallowing rapidly (I think she was about to puke, but was swallowing it back? Ew, to that). I got a bucket, just in case, but she didn't give it up. There was another identical episode a half hour later and then she went back to sleep and woke up with a fever. It was a miserable day trying to keep her fever down, get fluids in and a miserable girl less miserable. I don't do well when she is ill. I do not have a nurse-like bedside manner. I just feel sorry for her and helpless. 24h later she was better, but New Year's Day was a total bust. Then after the fever, she didn't have an appetite, refused to drink fluids and got constipated as a result. After 4 days with no poop, we gave her a suppository, which totally traumatized her, but had its desired effect, thankfully. Parenting can be gross.

I do have some New Years resolutions this year. Usually, I don't bother, but there are some things I would like to change:

1) Make exercise a part of my life. I have no real goal other than that. I don't want to lose weight or get rock hard abs or any of that. I just want to be more heart-healthy and hopefully it will keep my anxiety and/or IBS at bay. We just bought an elliptical, so I am hoping to squeeze in a 30 min workout during Lana's nap a couple times a week. Wish me luck, I have made resolutions like this all my adult life and have never made it past a couple of weeks.

2) Date night more regularly! Bill and I have very little time together and we only have one child! This is ridiculous and has to change. One reason is that Lana goes to bed so late. The other is that Bill's job is demanding and sometimes he has stuff to do after he comes home, or he is just freakin tired after a 12 h day, understandably. We have had my inlaws in town for a year, but they rarely take Lana overnight or even in the evening, since they watch her one day a week for me already. Now that my mom is with us, she has offered to watch Lana one evening a week, while Bill and I enjoy a meal on the outside. Thanks mom!

3) I need more patience. I resolve to take a deep breath instead of flying off the handle at every little thing. Enough said b/c sometimes the way I act is downright embarrassing.

To all my faraway friends who read this blog and to all my blogfriends, I wish you a very happy and healthy 2009. I hope you enjoyed this holiday season and best wishes to you all in the new year!