Thursday, July 31, 2008

Too bad our camera is busted

I just walked upstairs and found Lana on her little potty and Bill on the big potty and they are reading a book together. Okay, that photo may not be for public consumption, but it would be good blackmail fodder for the teenage years. Yesterday Lana was having some nudista time (as we call it) but she insisted on wearing her new sparkly pink shoes (ala grandma dianne)--so there she was all nekkid, wearing the dancing shoes, cooking in her play kitchen. Another priceless moment. Unfortunately, our digital camera is broken which is no surprise given my bad luck with electronics--I swear I get every lemon ever made! Or it could be user error.

I have been a bad blogger lately. I have so much to say, but so little alone time on the computer. The minute log on, I hear, "Mommy, mommy mommy, mommmeeeeeeeee". I told her I am changing my name to Stella and now she calls me "Stella Julie". Fabulous. Anyway, stay tuned, I will get out all my "deep" thoughts sooner or later.

Monday, July 28, 2008

She's a tape recorder

Lana has been saying the funniest things lately. Then I realized that I say all of these funny things, without even knowing it and she has picked it up. Its kinda weird hearing your strange phrases you say inadvertently repeated to you by a 2 year old. For example, everytime we leave the house she said, "Let's get outta here!" She says it when we are in stores too. I must say that a lot. Lana is really into her raspberry and blueberry bushes we planted so every day she says, "Let's see what's happenin with Lana's raspberry." What's happenin? Oh boy. Do I actually speak like this? I have been told before many times that I have some weird sayings/phrases. People say, "where the heck are you from?" "Buffalo, NY" I reply. Do we speak bizzaro there? I hear all my friends IRL replying a resounding "YES!" What is kind of sad is that she knows the words for headache, tummy not feel good and medicine, which has pretty much summed up my past year. Anyway Miss Lana is crackin me up and whatever her/my strange phrases are, at least she hasn't said the F word yet which would be straight from her father's vernacular.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We are back and in one piece!

Lana impressed me on this trip to see Grandma Dianne! I was so worried that she would be difficult on the plane or wouldn't adjust well to the time change or would be afraid of all the new people she would be meeting, but none of my fears were realized. She did great on the plane--thanks to my friend Jamie loaning me her portable DVD player. That thing is magical and you better believe we will be buying one before our next trip. No tantrums, no crying, no climbing all over mommy. Heck, I even bought a novel for the return trip b/c I had so much free time on my hands!

We had a blast with Grandma Dianne--lots of girl time (no offense to the boys) swimming, shopping, raspberry pickin and visiting relatives. It has been so long since I have visited Buffalo that most of my relatives still remember me as a teenager. I think it was a little odd for them to see me with a kid of my own. And I did hear the ever familiar--"you are a stay at home mom? What about that PhD?" Oh geez. But we had fun and it was relaxing. It was also nice for someone else to cook for me--food definitely tastes better when someone else makes it.

Grandma Dianne is planning on relocating to our neck of the woods this coming winter, which could not make me happier. I so look forward to Lana having a close relationship with her. She is a great mommy to me and a wonderful grandma to Lana, it will be so so nice to hang out more than twice a year!

Lana was so good during this whole trip. It really showed me that she is maturing--gone is that screaming baby--why oh why is she crying??? and now she is a sweet little girl (most days). I feel so confident now that I could travel with her just about anywhere, even without Bill. The best part of course was coming home. Poor Bill missed us so much--there was very little evidence of human life in our house. No trash, no dishes. I think all he did was work and go to his parents' house for meals. Its great to be all back together again.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'm still here!

Where have I been, you may ask? Just busy, but still here. After my grandparents' visit, my dad and stepmom came for a few days and tomorrow Lana and I are going to my hometown to see my mommy!! This will only be my second time flying solo with Lana without a husband to share the fun (and give me a break). But this is a long flight--with a layover in Chicago and I am dreading it. Once we are at my mom's we will have a blast, but oh boy--that flight is going to test my patience. You see, Lana is not good at sitting still--at all! She lacks patience and she is LOUD! Should be fun, right? The good thing is that she is cute, so often people will forgive her 2 year old behavior and sometimes other travelers will remember what it was like when they had a 2 year old. But I am prepared for the looks, the hairy eyeball from all the twenty-somethings who have yet to experience parenthood and I will wish the worst kind of karma on them so that they eventually have little demons of their own one day. I was that twenty-something not too long ago. So wish me happy travels and I hope to have lots of fun pics to post when I get back.