Saturday, February 5, 2011

My week in bed

Not sure what I was complaining about last week, having one sick kid and feeling a little cabin fever. Turns out it could get worse--Lana and I came down with the disease and oh yeah, it sucked. This was not your ordinary cold--this was one of the worst sicknesses I can remember! Lana stayed home from school all 5 days and we spent 4 out of 5 of those days laying in bed, watching obscene amounts of TV. Thank goodness for On Demand.

It started last Sunday with a fever for Lana and a sore throat for me. At this point, Lacey just got rid of her fever (5 days later!) and still wasn't eating anything other than fruit. Monday I was really starting to feel bad, but it was like a really bad cold, nothing more. It was hard to have both kids at home and feel so sick myself. Lana needed extra attention, while Lacey was busy being a crabass and tearing up the house. It was a long day. On Tuesday morning, I called my inlaws to see if they could watch Lacey and I am so glad I did b/c I took a turn for the worse--I had massive pain in my face around my sinuses, couldn't breathe at all, at one point I started coughing and dry heaving all over the place, then I spiked a fever. Lana was acting fine as long as her fever was down with meds. She wanted to play and color and I wanted to put my head on the table. I was in bad shape. Of course, Bill had a meeting at night, so he wasn't coming home till 8 or 9pm. I started antibiotics and did the neti pot and whined and complained.

The rest of the week my inlaws took Lacey, so Lana and I could rest. We basically would watch a ton of TV, play a few board games, colored, did a couple of crafts and then spent lots of time in bed--I tried to sleep while she played Leapster or watched Phineas and Ferb. I kept waiting for Lana's fever to go away, but it kept coming back. Today was her first fever-free day. The funny thing is that while our cold symptoms were pretty severe, they weren't the worst ever. The worst part of this bug was the loss of appetite and fatigue. I feel so bad I was obsessing and trying to get Lacey to eat last week when she had this. Now that I have experienced it, no wonder she didn't want to eat! I felt so weak and shaky, probably b/c I haven't been eating much (and still lactating--not a good combo). Seriously, it was so hard to take care of the girls feeling so physically zapped. I have never been knocked out a whole week by a cold.

My inlaws were AWESOME. They really came through for me this week. I am not sure what I would have done without them. Not only did they take care of Lacey Tues-Fri, but they also made dinner and packed it in little tupperwares for the entire week, so that I didn't have to cook for Bill (since he was the only one eating anything other than soup). How lucky am I?

But, we are finally on the mend. Lana and I ate a somewhat normal meal and we both fit in a nap this afternoon. I feel like I have turned the corner. Lana seems fine, but she always does--that kid could survive on fruit and sugar. I am glad we are recovering. Just in time too--Bill is next. I hope he doesn't get as knocked out as we did.