Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That was a loong hiatus, but I have never missed a birthday

Happy Birthday Lana!  You are 6. SIX!?! How did this happen again? Weren't you just a teeny tiny baby?  We have been celebrating for nearly a week now.  Last Saturday we had a "family day" where we went to the zoo in Seattle after a fun lunch at a hip udon restaurant with the four of us plus Grandma Dianne and Amma and Gong Gong.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day and we all had so much fun.  Sunday we had your birthday party with girlfriends from school at our house.  It was a garden party and we did many crafts and games.  You had 5 friends and you were kind to include your sister in the festivities.  It was a great party, even for me.  I went to my book club that night and when I got home you wrote me a thank you note, thanking me for a super fun birthday party. You also wrote all of your friends thank you notes and they were even sealed and addressed.  This illustrates who you really are--a thoughtful and kind girl with the biggest heart.  You make me so proud every single day.

This year you have grown so much.  You thrive in Kindergarten.  You love your teachers and your classmates. You have become so confident and have overcome so many scary things--like singing alone during the spring musical (mommy had happy tears) and reading an entire book to your whole school (more happy tears), even taking questions, comments or compliments after.  You are so brave!  I love all that you have learned, I think its so cool that you love math and I treasure all of your art work and creations. Every single one goes straight to my heart.

I look at you and feel so incredibly happy at the girl you are growing up to be.  I love your energy, your creativity, your sweetness, your kindness and your helpfulness. I even love that you talk constantly, even if I say that I don't. I love watching your relationship with your Baba grow.  I know the two of you will always be close and having that bond is such an immense gift. I keep telling you that one day a long time from now you will fly away and you tell me to stop saying that, that you will always live with us.  You are so fun to be with and I am looking forward to spending lots of time together this summer before you start elementary school.  It's going to be a special time for us.

Although I cannot imagine its even possible that you are six, enjoy this birthday and thank you for being such an awesome and fun little girl.  You make us so very happy.

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